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Welcome to ER-Designer

ER-Designer is a second generation cross platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux) Database Schema Design tool. You never have to leave your favorite development environment to create and refine your database.

Stealing a page from Steve Job's playbook, we have focused on a simple elegant design. We have created a system that provides an intuitive, simple, and comprehensive user interface for the creation of database schemas.

With the separation of logical and physical modes (schemas) you are now free to choose the best DBMS system for your application. You are no longer locked into a conceptual and/or monetary constraints of a specific DBMS vendor.

Sub-models provide a means to unravel the extremely complex "schemas" of modern database driven designs. Sub-models allow the visual grouping of related entities, views, and relationships. Any changes made in the sub-model are reflected in the main model and all other sub-models that share the tables, views, and relationships.