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The Inter-Model Merge control/difference dialog

Model Merge

Comprehensive support for the single logical to multiple physical data models paradigm requires bidirectional merge capabilities between the data models. Related objects (tables, views, relationships, columns, etc) need to tracked between the models. In some cases transformations need to be applied. Over all, this is very complex process.

Following our design principals, the Inter-Model Merge user interface (screen shot to the right) presents the user with a simple, elegant, and comprehensive merge control.

Each "mergeable" object is listed in a multi-level tree/grid. The tree provides a context for the object (columns belong to tables, etc.) and the grid provides a visual connection of related objects in their respective models.

At a glance, the user can see what objects need to be merged and what merge operation needs to be performed. Green: create a new object in the destination model, Yellow: Modify an object in the destination model, and Red: Delete an object in the destination model.