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A SQLite reverse engineered model.
Figure 1

Reverse Engineering DB Schema

ER-Designer supports reverse engineering a data base schema into an Entity / Relationship diagram for SQLite. As resources allow we are planning support MySQL and all our future target platforms.

The SQLite DBMS system required extracting the Database DDL and writing a parser to extract our information. We use the Antlr system for the parser generator.

The screen snap shot at the right is a reverse engineered database schema. The reverse engineering process first produces the physical schema (after all we are reverse engineering something from the physical world) the creating a logical model utilizing the model merge capability of ER-Designer.

The Reverse Engineering Dialog control.
Figure 2

The Reverse Engineering status dialog.
Figure 3

The parsing of the reverse engineered SQLite schema allows us to gain access to tables, columns, data-types, triggers, views, indexes, and constraints. In other words a very capture of the database schema.

The screen shots below show the dialog to reverse engineer a SQLite database. and the status reporting system. It is possible that there may be errors in the DDL (Data Definition Language SQL). We do our best to recover from these errors. All errors are reported in the status dialog.