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ER-Designer Beta Downloads

We're in our beta cycle now. In order to download a copy of ER-Designer you must be part of the beta program. It's easy, just create an account and login. If you already have an account you must be logged in to access the downloads.

The ER-Designer beta is time limited. The application will expire in about 6 months. Within the next six months we expect to move through the release candidate (RC) stages, and then onto the final release.

Although we cannot guarantee it, every effort will be made to insure that any data models you develop with the beta will work in the final release of ER-Designer.

We're shooting for a weekly beta update. Please check back often for updates.

We appreciate your participation in our beta program, and your contribution to making ER-Designer the best database design tool on the market.

We hope you enjoy using ER-Designer as much we have enjoyed building and using it.