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ER-Designer Sqlite Support

SQLite is pretty well supported at this time. Support includes:

A few notes. ER-Designer uses SQLite as its own internal database. The ER-Designer meta-models are stored as SQLite DB files. As early as possible in the development process we started to use ER-Designer to develop ER-Designer (following the old policy of we need to eat our own dog food, before offering it to our customers).

Due to our own internal requirements, and our desire to to make the best SQLite design tool on the market we put a lot of effort into supporting SQLite. We even created a parser to Reverse Engineer the SQLite databases schemas. Note the parser was built with ANTLR.

Last but not least, I have been working on DB design tools since about 1995. Back then I really wanted an in process DB that used a file. The closest thing I found was the MS Jet DB engine. To put it nicely it didn't work to well. A few years ago I tried SQLite. It was and (IMHO) a fantastic database (or as the new phrase goes an insanely great database). I have done a lot of systems and application development. There is a very large set (domain) of applications that can and should be based on a relational model. The two thing that had been lacking have been an in process, efficient, stable DBMS, and a fantastic Schema design tool. SQLite has fulfilled the DBMS requirement and the ER-Designer has now fulfilled the design tool requirement.